Monday, March 20, 2006

Must Love Dogs

Here's what I suggest.

Remember that word of mouth on this movie has been kind of bleah. Remember that the reviews were pretty lukewarm, too. Remember that some of my savvy, smart, sassy friends thought it was very disappointing.

Then when you finally get around to seeing it, you may have the same reaction I did.

"Hey, I like it!"

Must Love Dogs is not great cinema, but I loved the family relationships, the performances, the little plot details that played against expectations, and seeing Christopher Plummer.

Diane Lane, John Cusack and Dermot Mulroney all did great jobs, but the supporting cast that delighted me just as much.

So don't go in expecting much, remind yourself that after all you didn't spend a bunch of money for tickets and popcorn and you get to see it in your jammies on the sofa, and maybe you'll be delighted, too.


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