Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I wish I'd seen this before the Academy Awards so I'd know what I thought about it beating Brokeback Mountain without my judgment being sullied by the irritation I feel toward Annie Proulx and others who are so convinced that the only reason Crash could win Best Picture is because the Academy is homophobic.


Crash is a wonderful film. I've read the pros and cons and I appreciate the differences of opinion, but I happen to think it's a worthy winner.

I responded to the complexity of relationships and plot, to the performances, portrayals and characterizations.

But don't pay any attention to me. See for yourself, and feel free to tell me that I'm wrong.

What can I say? I liked it a lot, I'm happy that it won, and would have been happy to see Brokeback win, as well. They're very different but both compelling and while I don't pretend to know how and why every Academy member voted, I think it's ridiculous to presume that a vote for Crash could only mean you hate gays.


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